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The animals of Almagro

Enter the wonderful animal world of Almagro, where diversity and tenderness can be found in every corner. In our beautiful space, we have given shelter and love to a lovely family of animals that have found their home on our land.


At Almagro, we value and respect all animals, recognising the importance of their presence in our lives and in the ecosystem. Our four-legged friends teach us to live in harmony with nature and to appreciate the beauty of all the creatures around us. Come and meet our charming animal inhabitants, and discover the magic and love they transmit in Almagro.

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4 dogs

Dobby, Zeus, Bennie and Pedro. These brave dogs were rescued from the shelter in Ronda and have found a loving and caring home in Almagro. With their unwavering loyalty and unconditional affection, they accompany us on our daily adventures and teach us the true meaning of friendship.

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1 horse

The majestic horse Dino is another beloved member of our animal family. With his noble bearing and indomitable energy, Dino reminds us of the beauty and freedom of country life. His graceful galloping through the meadows and his loyalty inspire us to connect more deeply with the nature around us.

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3 donkeys

Lauritz, Israël and Romeo are friendly and curious donkeys who enjoy making new friends. They love attention, cuddles and the occasional tasty treat. Spend time looking after them and brushing them. They will welcome you with their gentle eyes and calm presence.

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We welcome animals

At Camping Almagro, we understand the importance of the connection between humans and animals. That's why we welcome other animals into our space. From faithful dogs to curious cats and adorable pets of any kind, all are welcome to share special moments with their owners in our cosy campsite.

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